Preventative Maintenance with HY-PRO Filtration

Preventative Maintenance with HY-PRO Filtration

Pure Oil Maintenance Services is a company based on Preventative Maintenance

We specialise in On and Offsite Oil Purification, Condition Monitoring, Customised Preventative Maintenance Schemes and Oil Analysis. IN addition, we also supply an Extensive Range of Premium Quality Lubricants and Equipment to ensure Optimal Performance for your machines.

Our main focus is to ensure that all the oil circulating throughout the system is supplied and maintained at a cleanliness level of ISO 13/11 NAS 5 as a result of filtering, which is a level far cleaner than brand new oil.  Therefore, by supplying the cleanest oil and providing custom filtration units, we are able to greatly extend oil and component life, which will significantly reduce maintenance and down time costs.

Companies can trust buying from Pure Oil, as we are the sole and exclusive distributor of Yupao Permanent Bypass Oil Cleaners & Filter Elements to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Our dedicated workforce is ready to help you select the right product and/or service for your business.  Our clients achieve optimal machine performance using the right combination of our products and services, and we are here to assist you too.

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HY-PRO Filtration

hy-pro_FiltrationPure Oil Maintenance Services have proudly been made the HY-PRO Filtration Distributor for the Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). HY-PRO Filtration products are now included in the extensive range of products we currently stock.

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Our Products Include:

  • The Purest Hydraulic, Automotive and Lubricating Oils
  • Exclusive Range of Permanent Bypass Oil Cleaners
  • Custom Built Portable Purifiers
  • Tanks and Bunding
  • Oil Spill Kits, Absorbing Materials, Digital Microscopes & Other Machine Accessories

On-Site Services:

  • Full Oil Replacement and Onsite Purification Services
  • Oil Analysis
  • Condition Monitoring / Digital Microscopic Element Inspections
  • Waste Oil Removal & Regeneration
  • Tank Inspections and Cleaning



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