Oil Purification Service

At Pure Oil we are determined in providing the most Effective Filtration Service possible.

Effective Filtration Will:Pure Oil MB100

  • Clean and Purify the Oil
  • Reduce Potential Machine Damage from Contaminants
  • Increase Machine & Oil Life Expectancy
  • Reduce Operational Costs

It can assess what type of contaminants are evident in the oil (through water, dust, dirt, etc. or mechanical fault like internal erosion).
Through assessing the Oil Condition we can develop a tailored made Maintenance Plan to maintain Optimal Performance and Oil Cleanliness. This is usually carried out every three months, depending on machine quality, machine use or individual business requirements.

Purification Services are tailor made and can include any of the following:pure-oil-brochure-image

  • Oil Removal & Purification
  • New Oil Purification
  • Regular Element Changes
  • Tank Inspections
  • Oil Analysis
  • Inspection Camera
  • Machine Inspection


On-Site Filtration Services

We understand that sometimes machines are unable to cease operation for a Purification Service. This is why we offer an On-site Purification Service which in majority of cases the machinery is still able to remain in operation while we circulate and purify the Oil through our system.

Purification EquipmentPure oil 4 pot trolley
Depending on Oil Quantity purification equipment can vary in sizes. Pure Oil commonly uses a 6 Potter Filtration machine mainly due to the volume of oil, machine size or time requirements. Although other sizes are equally as efficient.
Pure Oil also provides hire plans for Purification Equipment. This is includes training from Pure Oil Technicians on how to use the equipment, inclusion of elements & machine servicing (depending on specifications of hire plan)

Common Contaminants


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