Pure Oil Lubricants

Pure Oil is not limited to these options and can source additional lubricants to meet your specific requirements

Hydraulic Oil

  • Hydraulic Oil ISO 46
  • Hydraulic Oil GRP II ISO 46
  • Hydraulic Oil ISO 68
  • Zinc Free (ZF) Hydraulic Oil GRP II ISO 46
  • Zinc Free (ZF) Hydraulic OIl GRP II ISO 68

Engine Oil

  • Engine Oil 15W/40 CJ-4
  • Engine Oil SAE 30

Gear Oil

  • Gear Oil 80W140
  • Gear Oil 85W140
  • Gear Oil ISO 220

Heat Transfer Oil

  • Heat Transfer Oil GRP II ISO 32
  • Heat Transfer Oil GRP III ISO 32

Universal Transmission Oil

  • Universal Transmission Oil 10W30
  • Universal Transmission Oil GRP II 10w30


  • Slideway Oil ISO 68
  • DD-50 Coolant
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser

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